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Flower of the jasmine whitening skin cream

Jasmine Flower Shami Cream
 All the hidden areas are darker than the rest of the body because of the increase of melanin, which dyes the skin in brown, you can use the cream of the jasmine flower to whiten all the dark areas of any place in the body and face for men and women, cream skin whitening .. Flower Jasmine Shami is the best solution  And to optimize the darkening of all dark places in the body such as bleaching elbows and knees, to whiten armpits, to whiten the areas of the bikini ... To whiten the freckles, to lighten the cost, remove the cracks resulting from pregnancy and childbirth.
 How to use :
 Apply a little bleach and lightening cream on the place to lighten
 Massage and rub the cream on the place until the product dries to the desired place

 Do these steps daily before you sleep ... For faster results, use the cream twice in the morning and evening
 Get the desired result after 30 days of use.

From Beirut Lebanon

 Please do not touch the eyes